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Life changing

Tomorrow at some point (god forbid the next day) I wil have a baby. I am excited of course, it's what I wanted, but I am also scared as fuck. A tiny being that relays mostly on me. Oh god. Here's to a new chapter in my life.

sooo long

who knows how long it has been since i have posted in here, but here i sit at Steven's work waiting for him to get done so we can eat lunch together, so what better time right? So it finally "hit" me the other night that in 8 1/2 weeks we will have a third human living in our house, and that is kinda scary, but mostly exciting and we both can not wait! we have the nursery done, and thansk to a few people so far have gotten quite amazing stuff i.e Shawn made us two baby blankets and got her some cute outfits! Penelope with be the most styling baby ever! Baby shower is coming up and of course i am doing it myself, not because no one would do it for me, but because i am crazy and want everything my way and i do not want to play any dumb games. well i guess that is all, i am huge, and will jsut be getting huger.
had a little too much to drink and broke down and had a mom monet... it involved crying. lots of it.. i guess i feel better now.

a piece

of my heart was left in new york.
I want to live there.
it is the most amazing city.
so full of life, culture, and beauty.
if i wasn't in a relationship i would be there in a heartbeat.
making it work somehow.


ok so that's it. in two weeks i will no longer be doing hair. i am now an employee of wells fargo bank doing collections. not a glamorous job, but i will be making 2.50 more an hour and after im there for a month i will get full benefits. which is major. seeing as how i dont think ive been to the dentist in over 10 years, except when i got my wisdom tooth pulled.

im excited, scared and sad.
excited to make more money, work with my cousin and have a full time job, and save up for our wedding.
scared because this is a big change for me. this is me stepping out of my comfort zone.
and sad because i like the people i work with a lot. i jsut dont make enough and wanna go back to school to teach. so its a waste of time to build a clientele when this isnt what i wanna do forever.

so feb. 19 starts a new chapter in my life.
please tell me it's gonna be ok.

from ho to housewife....

im engaged. and totally stoked on it.


it's fucking snowing... bad ass.. god i love it.. and it just keeps dumping... i hope this never ends.

life changing???

so i interviewed for a new job today. it's for a receptionist position at a brow bar. which im really excited about. i love hair don't get me wrong but it is certainly not my passion. as Shawn knows, in January i will be filling out fafsa and pell grant applications to become a school teacher. now i know its not some huge wonderful high paying job..... but i love kids! and money is not the issue for me. Steven has a great job and we will in no way be struggling. so i guess just wish me luck! ( i am a little nervous, it has been awhile since i was in school.)

Jul. 9th, 2008

did i mention we bought a house?!?!?!


finalllly settling into the house. come have a drink on the deck.. well once the sun comes out. parrrty time.


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