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wooo hoooooo

radiohead tickets are purchased!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im soooooooooooo excited!!!!!!! sorry about all of the exclamation points.. but as you can see im ecstatic! fave band ever! totally worth the 3.5 hour drive and being exhausted at work on thursday! i dont know if i can wait till august! i might explode!

ill do it......

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Mar. 31st, 2008

we own a house.... a 3 bedroom 2 and a half bath house to be exact. its brand new and come with washer,dryer, and a fridge. its so damn cute. 2 walk in closets in the master bedroom... a firplace.. a huge deck in the back yard and its in a dope neighboorhood. summertime bar b ques here we come!!!

pictures sometime..
we dont move in till the 10th.


i am still at work... doing a neurotic ladys hair. ugh im just tired and wanna go home. i still have to cut her. blah blah blah. oh well. its money i suppose.

fake plastic trees

New Radiohead boxed set comes out december 10th. My birthday is December 23rd. coincidence???? I think not. It's what i want most in the world. someone.... anyone... please.

Oct. 10th, 2007

OH MY GOD! IVE DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN! THE NEW RADIOHEAD ALBUM IS FUCKING ORGASMIC. sorry... i purchsed it online for $2.35. and now im listening to it for the first time. i knew there was a reason they are my fave band. ugh im in love.

dark crystal...

oregon has such a huge meth problem.. they have put a 30 minute special on every non-cable channel about the effects and cons of meth. even if the guide on the tv says "everybody loves raymond" its still the meth show. which is most appropriately named..... dark crystal... are you fucking kidding me!?!?!? get me out of here. hahaha
i just wish this day would be over alredy. im going to bed. goodnight.

just can't wait...

im changing my hair color.. i know that doesn't mean much. cuz i do it all the time but ive been here forever! i didn't want black anymore. which is a pain in the ass to remove.. thank god i don't have to pay for it. but im excited!!!

shawn is gonna be here in like 2 and a half weeks.. im so giddy like a girl with a new crush! im so excited! i know shes gonna love it here and were gonna have sooooooooooooooo much fun!!!!

this weekend is my cousins birthday and me and steven are meeting her and her b.f and my other cousin and her fiance in Seattle to go to a mariners game! its gonna be doooooope. then the rest of the weekend me and steven will be with branden kelly and hayes! woo hoo! i love that kid!

not much else to say. talk to you later!

EDIT: it's only a week and a half till shawns here... i can't believe how fast its comming!

omg omg omg!!!!

shawn is comming up here in august!!!
you have no idea how excited i am.
i have already been thinking of things to do!!
woooo hoooooo!!!!
im so excited i could peeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

she will soon be added to the select few who have come up here and visited.
1. angel girl.
2. pk rae.
3. (sooon to be shawn)
4. your name here.

<3 ashley